Harbor Bay Neighbors Want a New Club, Too!

So, Ron Cowan’s Harbor Bay Isle Associates are it again.  Their recent campaign to the masses brings up a number of points that defy logic and disrespect intelligent people.  Enough is enough!

Harbor Bay Neighbors is on record for SUPPORTING a new Club.  The difference is that we insist the Club is renovated or rebuilt at its current location – within the Harbor Bay Isle residential development.  There it will continue to serve the residents it was specifically designed to serve.   Taking an amenity that residents and their kids can currently walk or bike to along safe lagoon paths moving it to a parcel three miles away that requires a car to access just doesn’t make sense!

HBIA says this is all about a new Club.  It’s NOT.  It’s about Ron Cowan squeezing millions of dollars out of a waterfront property by selling it to a developer to build more homes, leaving us to deal with the consequences of more traffic, higher demand on public services, a smaller commercial tax base and an inaccessible recreational facility.

HBIA says the current Club is unsustainable.  It’s NOT.  If it were, Cowan would not have been able to obtain a $6 Million loan with the Club as collateral in 2008 and then refinanced to a $7 Million loan in 2013.  Even in its current state, the Club is a cash cow.  Click here to see the loan documents.

HBIA says that renovating the current Club in stages is impossible.  It’s NOT.  This defies logic.  How much infrastructure is there to two wooden buildings and 20 paved tennis courts?  Professional architects – some of which are HBN Supporters – know of ways to renovate in-place that are both financially and operationally feasible.  They do it all the time.

HBIA says the Club will go out of business if they can’t build a new Club in the business park.  They won’t.  Cowan is not about to default on that $7 Million loan and walk away from a profitable business.

Has HBIA proven ANY of what they’ve said?  No, they have not.  They just assume you’ll believe their jargon.

They best you can do right now is speak up.  This has gone too far.  Contact the Mayor and City Council.  Write letters to editors of the local papers.  Talk to your neighbors.

Cowan and HBIA are not entitled to rewrite the rules in order to fatten their own pockets.  Click here to read about the Club’s connection to the Harbor Bay Isle residential development.


Your Harbor Bay Neighbors.


One thought on “Harbor Bay Neighbors Want a New Club, Too!

  1. I am so proud to be a ‘Harbor Bay Neighbor’ !
    …and I respect the hard diligent work put in by all.

    Just a comment by me, an ardent tennis player.

    I believe we can utilize the space taken up by the 6 tennis courts nearest the bay/estuary and put in another pool…or two as well as some other amenities and STILL have a dozen tennis courts available for our use.

    Dan Lufkin

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