Jostling Over Habor Bay Club Proposal

This week, The Alamedan wrote an exceptionally good article about our issue.  We believe every Alamedan should read it.

The article presents some of our arguments against moving the Harbor Bay Club and compares them to what we know are Ron Cowan and Harbor Bay Isle Associates’ strongest arguments for moving the Club in order to build 80 to 160 new homes.  Moreover, the comments from City Planner Andrew Thomas are consistent with how we believe the City should view our opposition.

Author of the article, Bill Chapin, is a former reporter currently studying public planning.  Mr. Chapin clearly shows he understands issues of development are equal parts what a developer wants to do and what a developer actually can do.  That is a critical concept for our city leaders to understand.

You can make sure our city leaders know this issue is important to you by sending them an email RIGHT NOW Use this link.

Also if you missed our recent emails to Supporters, we covered:

  • Cowan/HBIA’s false claims of an “indisputed right” to build more homes.  Read more here.
  • HBIA’s recent campaign to smear HBN is way off base.  Read more here.
  • The Harbor Bay Club has a long, well-documented connection to the residential development.  Read more here.

2 thoughts on “Jostling Over Habor Bay Club Proposal

  1. Hoppen’s statement, “We want to make it a facility that will serve the whole Harbor Bay Isle community—including the business park…” directly contradicts the City’s mandate in 1991 that, “the purpose of the Harbor Bay Club is and shall continue to be to provide quality recreation facilities for the RESIDENTS of the Harbor Bay Isle RESIDENTIAL development.” It doesn’t matter what HBIA “wants”—what matters are the facts. And the fact is, moving the Club outside of the residential neighborhood to a business park parcel with NO DIRECT ACCESS for residents violates its established purpose and its legal obligation to residents.

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