HBIA Really Wants Up To 160 New Homes in Bay Farm

Apparently, Ron Cowan and HBIA object to our insistence they really want up to 160 new homes in Bay Farm, compared to the 80 homes they claim.

They even dedicated a portion of their website to it:

HBIA website

As usual, that entire paragraph from HBIA is completely untrue.

HBIA requested a change in zoning — from recreation/commercial within a Planned Development (or C-2-PD) to single family and/or duplex within a PD (or R-2-PD). Approval of that request would allow for 80 new single family homes or … wait for it … 160 total new homes via 80 duplexes.

In fact, below is HBIA’s exact request as copied from their development application (that you can view in its entirety HERE, see page 2 for the zoning change request):

Zoning Request

Had HBIA really wanted just 80 new homes, they would have asked for a R-1 zoning, which is exclusive to single family residential development.

Here are links to two really good hand-outs on the differences between R-1 zoning and R-2 zoning. The City of Alameda has the same basic interpretations of R-1 vs R-2, which you can read HERE.

Clearly, HBIA’s request for R-2 zoning gives them the option to develop up to 160 new homes. HBIA’s claims simply do not mesh with reality.

That leaves two different interpretations of HBIA’s claims for just 80 homes:

Either, HBIA knows R-2 permits up to 160 more homes and is OK with misleading the community.  In that case, it is business as usual for HBIA.

Or, the HBIA organization does not understand what their proposal entails.  They might not even know there is a difference between R-1 and R-2 zoning.

In our opinion, the latter is entirely possible. We have followed this project long enough to recognize that the left hand of HBIA has no idea what the right hand is doing. If HBIA has no idea what their proposals entail, why should Alameda do business with them?

Our City Leaders need to know we want HBIA to start telling the truth. You can make that happen by sending them an email RIGHT NOW. Use this link.


2 thoughts on “HBIA Really Wants Up To 160 New Homes in Bay Farm

  1. As a new home owner since March, 2015 on Harbor Bay Isle, I am very much in opposition to the relocation of the Harbor Bay Club. We joined the Club in April following our relocation from New Jersey and committed to a 1 year membership. The location of the HBC is clearly advantageous to the residents of the Harbor Bay Isle communities. Moving the Club operations to the business park will have far reaching negative impact to current members. Additionally, from past experience, new construction clubs will generate higher membership fees and monthly costs to the HBC members currently capable of budgeting the monthly fees in our budgets.

    I plan to request the Board of Directors of Brittany Landing, The Bay, to adopt a resolution to formally oppose the relocation of the Harbor Bay Club to the business park.

    Carl Fricke
    19 Shepardson Lane, Alameda, CA 94502

    • Thanks Carl, please contact the Master board as well. This site has an easy link to City officials. We need the momentum to continue!

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