Does the Business Park Really Support Moving the Club?

In October 2013, about six months after Ron Cowan and Harbor Bay Isle Associates (HBIA) announced plans to build 80 to 160 new homes on the current site of the Harbor Bay Club, a rather innocuous organization publically endorsed the project.

The Harbor Bay Business Park Association, which apparently represents 80 companies, wrote a three-page letter to City Planner Andrew Thomas in support of moving the Club to the business park.  The Association saw a benefit of having a commercial health club within the boundaries of the business park, because, as most of us know, the Club currently is in the residential development, which is distinctly not part of the business park.

We had no idea this organization even existed.  As well, we were surprised HBN was not invited to present our case before an endorsement for Cowan and HBIA was made public.

Thus, we were very interested in reading the Association’s resolution to better understand their position.  They did minimal due diligence and seemed to promote the idea that employees in the business park like to both work on the weekends and go to the gym.  In our experience, those two weekend activities occur among the rarest of individuals.  You can read the resolution by CLICKING HERE.

The last page is where the light bulb went on for us.  The endorsement was signed by this individual:

Reidy HB BP

Yep, that is Dan Reidy’s signature.  That name should be familiar to those that read our email from last week about HBIA’s zoning request to build 80 to 160 new homes versus the 80 they claim.  If not, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Dan Reidy, secretary of the board for the Business Park Association is also this Dan Reidy:

Reidy App

That’s right.  Dan Reidy is the corporate attorney for HBIA and Harbor Bay Club Associates, the shell company that owns the Club.  You really can’t make this stuff up.

HBIA is going to an extraordinary level of effort to create the appearance of broad support for its residential development proposal.  Perhaps they know broad support does not exist.  Why would it?  The Harbor Bay Isle Residential Development, and all of Bay Farm, is negatively impacted by what HBIA has proposed.

We need your help.  The City Council needs to know the community does not support adding 80 to 160 more homes to Bay Farm by relocating the Club outside the residential development.  You can help by sending them an email NOW through THIS LINK.

HBIA uses underhanded methods to promote their development.  They tell half-truths and hope nobody calls them on it.

Unfortunately for HBIA, we are not those people.


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