Who Are They Fooling?

From reading the opinion pieces and letters to the editor the last couple of weeks, it is apparent not enough Alamedans understand the Harbor Bay Club issue.  For some it is a problem of intellect and for others it is predetermined indifference.  Whatever.

Here are the only things that matter:

1.)  Ron Cowan and Harbor Bay Isle Associates do not have the right to develop more homes.  Read why HERE.

2.)  The Harbor Bay Club has a long, well-documented connection to the Harbor Bay Isle Residential Development.  HERE are the facts.

3.)  HBIA asked the city for permission to build 80 to 160 more homes in Bay Farm, not just the 80 they claim.  See what they did HERE.

4.)  Harbor Bay Neighbors is on record for SUPPORTING a new club, too.  Read our statement HERE.

5.)  HBIA is going to extraordinary lengths to build the appearance of broad support.  You will not believe what they did HERE.

6.)  What a developer wants to do is not the same as what a developer can do.  HERE is why.

Here is how you can HELP RIGHT NOW:  Email City Hall via THIS LINK.  Tell them you are not a lemming.  That you understand the issue and expect them to act accordingly.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report is coming.  It should be ready by mid-September.  We are ready.


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