We Are Not The Only Voice in Opposition

We at Harbor Bay Neighbors talk a lot on the reasons to oppose the development proposal by Ron Cowan/Harbor Bay Isle Associates to relocate the Harbor Bay Club and replace it with 80 to 160 new homes.

There are more voices than ours.

Here are comments from other Alameda residents on why to oppose HBIA’s development proposal.  They are collected from emails to elected officials, postings on the HBN website and letters to the editor.

  • “Harbor Bay Club in its current location is more than just a health club; it is a special part of the community that brings people together in a beautiful setting and in a healthy and social environment.” – L.T.
  • “I was born on Bay Farm Island in 1941. Currently I am a member of Harbor Bay Club. Although, my main interest is in tennis, I can certainly support removing the 6 tennis courts closest to the estuary to put in 2 more pools, some exercise venues, and nearly everything else that Mr. Cowan touts in his “new” Harbor Bay Club.” – D.L.
  • “The Harbor Bay Club is a critical recreational component of our community.  It’s part of why we moved here 35 years ago and part of why we stay.” – P.M.
  • “The current Harbor Bay Club at its existing location is an asset to the homes in the neighborhood. It was built to provide amenities to families in the neighborhood. We own a house near the current locations, and unlike other developments on Bay Farm Island, we do not have a community swimming pool nor fitness center that is for homeowners only. The current club, in its current location, was built for that purpose and should remain for the purpose of providing these facilities to existing homeowners.” – S.B.
  • “If you allow HBC to be moved to the business park you will be changing a community and not for the better. You will be hurting families.” – L.R.
  • “This is not what we all bought into when moving to harbor bay isle. I purchased my home with the asset of having the club next to my home.” – J.K.
  • “I am opposed to the construction of these homes in place of the health club. It was not in the original design of the area and will, I believe, impact on the area in a negative way.” – R.L.
  • “The community of Bay Farm does not support such a development.” – G.M.
  • “Developers such as Mr. Cowan don’t want to build 80 to 160 new homes simply for the “good” of the community. They want to develop the site to make money. They care little about the impact it would have on local traffic conditions nor about the personal impact on members of the health club.” – J.P.
  • “The Harbor Bay Club continues to provide the community with the mandate for which it was formed.  It is a valuable asset to our community and should remain where it is.  If there were good will, the Harbor Bay Club could be rebuilt on the same site by building the facilities on the current tennis courts and land. This would give the community a new club in the same place it for which it was originally created and there wouldn’t be an interruption in service.” – A.S.
  • “No more homes on Harbor Bay or Bag Farm!  We are already too crowded and traffic is awful!” – O.D.
  • “Please reject the Harbor Bay Isle Associates’ request for approval to build new homes where the Harbor Bay Club is now located.  I do not believe that HBIA can be trusted to be a good development partner for Alameda.” – J.H.
  • “Do the right thing! The lawful thing! No more development of homes on bay farm!  A new club is great, new homes are not.  If you allow the developers to do what they want, this beautiful community will be ruined.” – M.H.
  • “Seems this move benefits only a few.” – B.G.
  • “I just want to make sure you know that I support the HBC staying where it is. I am a long time member. Many of my fellow members are not interested in having the club move. We feel that moving the club will take away a vital resource that is a part of Harbor Bay. A new housing development in its current location would be bad for the community.” – J.B.
  • “As 20 year HBC members and Alameda Residents we implore you to deny the … attempts to move Harbor Bay Club out from under us to a remote location on the edges of our city. This is nothing more than the owner’s slight of hand to swap a relatively worthless location for the present prime site.” – R.V.
  • “I am well aware of the issue with the Harbor Bay Club and Ron Cowan’s … tactics to go back on his agreement to have the club in its current location.  I have been a member of the club for 31 years and bought my home on the island with the understanding that the club would always remain a family club in its current location.” – S.C.
  • “In my view, the only reason the Ron Cowan and Harbor Bay Isle Associates want to move the Harbor Bay Club is because Ron Cowan stands to make millions on the deal.  The club could easily be improved where it is.” – S.H.
  • “Bay Farm Island is not Ron Cowan’s personal ATM machine. Please make a decision regarding our home and neighborhood based on legality and facts.” – H.L.
  • “We are residents of Bay Farm Island and Harbor Bay Isle.  We oppose the building of 80 new homes on already crowded Bay Farm Island.” – K.P.
  • “Enough is enough.” – T.C.
  • “If the club needs to be updated, do it! But keep it in its present location.” – O.C.
  • “No new homes!” – V.R.
  • “I have lived … in Harbor Bay for almost 22 years. I am also a member of the Harbor Bay Club. As a member, [HBIA’s] key argument of not being able to upgrade the facilities is so absurd that it is an insult to community members and government officials alike.” – B.K.
  • “I donot support adding 80 to 160 more homes to Bay Farm by relocating the Club outside the residential development.” – R.F.
  • “I am opposed to the move of the Harbor Bay Club to the business park and in particular the development of new homes in the current Harbor Bay Club location.  Instead, focus and money should be go to addressing deferred maintenance in the current site.  The Club is perfectly situated in its current location.” – A.W.
  • “I do not support moving the Harbor Bay Club and replacing it with residential units.   The additional units and people would create a nightmare on Island Drive.” – R.K.
  • “We would like our Harbor Bay club to remain in a safe and environmentally friendly environment for our families, adults and children, to enjoy. This is why we live in Alameda.” – E.M.
  • “I do not agree that the Harbor Bay Club should move to the business park.  The community needs the club right where it is now centrally located for all of us.” – K.S.
  • “Please make note that I DO NOT support the new club at the business park. The club should remain at its current location.” – S.T.
  • “I again urge you all to oppose any relocation of Harbor Bay Club and/or the building of 80 to 160 homes in its current location.” – B.D.
  • “We are strongly against adding 80 to 160 more homes to Bay Farm.” – J.C.
  • “It makes no sense to move the club. Remodel what you have. We do not need 160 more homes on this island.” – B.G.
  • “I am a resident of Harbor Bay and do NOT support moving the club, nor do I support building more homes on the site.” – W.C.
  • “I need to say again that I don’t support the Cowan’s plan to build new homes on the site of the Harbor Bay Club.  I live in a quiet community next to the current club.  I appreciate the lovely area here, with trees and bay nearby.  There is already a busy elementary school on this little dead end street.  I cannot imagine adding more dwellings and the accompanying traffic.” – N.P.
  • “I do not support adding 80 to 160 more homes to Bay Farm by relocating the Harbor Bay Athletic Club outside the residential development.” – C.E.
  • “We do not support adding 80 to 160 more homes to Bay Farm by relocating the Club outside the residential development.” – W.
  • “I support Alameda and DO NOT SUPPORT HBIA.” – D.B.
  • “I DO NOT support the Conway proposal of building 80 to 160 new homes on Harbor Bay Island and I vote during every election.” – K.M.
  • “We DO NOT support the move of the Harbor Bay Club!” – C.P.
  • “No no no no no no no.” – J.
  • “I strongly encourage the City Council to consider shutting down Cowan’s bid to build 60 or more homes on this property. We need to make the present Club more viable for members; the Club is part of our community and I want it to stay.” – G.K.
  • “I am a Harbor Bay Resident and Alameda voter…there is no way that Ron Cowan should be allowed to develop the Harbor Bay Club site into housing.” – A.H.
  • “The proposed [Harbor Bay Club] site is awful: no views, noisier, harder to get to (Islandia isn’t going to simply let you cut Island drive through into the business park).” – M.D.
  • “We urge you to listen to the residents of Bay Farm–NO MORE HOUSES, NO MORE CARS, NO MORE RON COWAN DEVELOPMENTS ON BAY FARM!!!” – R.L.
  • “We are already pretty crowded and building more homes or condos will just add to the current inconvenience.  Getting out of Bay Farm in the morning during commute hours is already slow.  Slow moving traffic= more carbon pollution.” – T.
  • “As a homeowner in Harbor Bay and Harbor Bay Club member, I wish to express to you my concern over the HBIA proposal to move the club in order to build homes.” – L.B.
  • “Please keep aclose eye on HBIA and their plans to move the Harbor Bay Isle Club from its current location on Packet Landing to Harbor Bay Parkway.   We don’t need any surprises that can’t be remediated.” – S.S.
  • “Aren’t you tired of Ron Cowan and his tactics by now?  People feel like they are re-living their middle school bullying years.” – D.N.
  • “Having more houses does not sense. What happens if there is a natural disaster i.e. earthquake? Would we be able to safely evacuate the island? More houses without more exit options is ridiculous.” – B.Z.
  • “Please take steps that ensure the public is getting the true story before approving any development.” – K.B.
  • “Please make Ron Cowan make repairs to the present Harbor Bay Club, and do not give him permission to build any homes or hotels on this property.” – K.R.
  • “Make HBIA Tell The Truth.” – M.M.
  • “Please support the Harbor Bay Neighbors in our request to keep the Harbor Bay Isle Club at its current location. The new proposed site is not acceptable to us. It no longer will be a neighborhood recreation and health club. Instead, it will be a club that is not neighborhood friendly, and is in an undesirable area, too close to the Oakland airport, its runways and the airplane noise it generates.” – S.D.
  • “It is so obvious to us that anybody in their right mind would not want to move the Harbor Bay Club and put in x amount of homes unless u do not live here and do not see the traffic congestion around Earhart school.” – D.
  • “Please keep Harbor Bay Club at its existing location. Please do not allow the club to move. Bay Farm residents deserve to keep the club in its current location, as promised in the Master Plan over 40 years ago. Please keep Bay Farm’s quality of life enjoyable, like it currently is.” – B.Y.
  • “Harbor bay club should remain in its current location. Ron Cowan should not be allowed to build homes at this location.  He should be denied just like when he tried to build homes at the Mif par three.” – S.
  • “I strongly object to moving the club and replacing it with additional housing.” – T.E.
  • “I am a Harbor Bay resident who has lived in Harbor Bay for over twenty years. I have been a HBC member for over 15 years. The HBC is a recreational, community asset that should stay where it is.” – J.B.
  • “Please don’t allow Ron Cowan to build more homes where the Harbor Bay Club is or for him to move the club to another location.” – A.W.
  • “If the City of Alameda allowed Harbor Bay Isle Associates to build the Harbor Bay Club as a replacement for forty-four acres of recreation space in the planned development of Harbor Bay Isle, it doesn’t seem right to now remove the club from the community. The community won’t be getting those forty-four acres back; instead, HBIA would like to build eighty-plus homes in place of the recreational facility.  If HBIA is allowed to do this, it is a lose-lose for the homeowners of Harbor Bay Isle.” – A.D.
  • “I live in on Bay Farm island and we are not members of Harbor Bay Isle or of the Harbor Bay club however I do want to voice my opinion regarding Ron Cowan’s desires to build more homes on Bay Farm. Traffic is already horrendous in the morning trying to get to work. Adding more homes and traffic would just make the delay even worse.” – C.C.
  • “Harbor Bay Club need to stay where it is.  It can be rebuilt at its current location.  Do not approve the plan to move it.” – M.M.
  • “Keep the Harbor Bay Club Where It Is.” – V.K.
  • “I firmly believe that HB club should stay where it is for all of the reasons the Harbor Bay Neighbors have outlined over and over again. Money should NOT be the issue here. Doing what’s right is the only important issue.” – J.K.
  • “Please keep the club where it is and do not rob our neighborhood by ripping out a beloved community asset to be replaced with more homes.” – J.W.
  • “I firmly belief that Ron Cowan does not have the right to move the Harbor Bay Club to suit his … needs.” – N.C.
  • “I am with the majority of homeowners on Bay Farm Island in the opposition of Ron Cowan’s latest attempt to make more money at the expense of the people who live here.” – A.L.
  • “Do not change the zoning and make valuable land into a commercial enterprise. We elected you to do the right thing for Alameda.” – M.H.
  • “I join with my Harbor Bay and Bay Farm neighbors in opposing Ron Cowan’s plan to move the Harbor Bay Club and build 80 homes on that land.” – M.T.
  • “Please, Alamedans, take note of the most recent outrage: Closing the current Harbor Bay Club and building a new one on land that the city of Alameda has refused to allow homes to be built on. Why will the city not allow homes to be built there? Could it be the noise factor, or the air quality or even safety concerns?” – M.K.

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