HBIA Threatens City Over Wednesday’s Special Meeting

If you sought evidence Harbor Bay Isle Associates cares more about redeveloping the current site of the Harbor Bay Club than actually building a new club, they supplied it for you today.

HBIA lawyers threatened the City of Alameda to take no action at Wednesday’s special meeting, which is all about rezoning the current Club site to build more homes.  Wednesday’s meeting has absolutely nothing to do with a new Club.

HBIA claims not to know the context of Wednesday’s meeting in advance. Additionally, a vote to affirm the existing General Plan and zoning could signal bias by the City Council if or when HBIA resubmits a rezoning application.  You can read a copy of the letter by CLICKING HERE.

There are a couple of items to address:

  • HBIA really doesn’t want this meeting to happen.
  • HBIA is making a last second attempt to further circumvent the City’s land use authority by pushing through an unpopular project.
  • The City Council has absolute authority on land use decisions in Alameda. No developer – even HBIA – is entitled to any rezoning.
  • If HBIA really didn’t know what this meeting was about, they weren’t paying attention. We all knew exactly what the context of Wednesday’s meeting was well in advance of the agenda. It has been in the works since Sept. 14, at least.
  • If this residential development is so important to HBIA, why did they withdraw their application on March 10, 2014?

Finally, the City’s legal risk will not diminish if Council sides with HBIA.  Alameda has smart, wealthy and passionate citizens that feel very strongly about the City’s ability to chart its own course free of coercion.

There is a vocal group of HBN Supporters advocating for legal representation.  We have held them back so far, but they could sue the City if Council crumbled to the threats of HBIA.

This Council then has a decision. Do they stand up on behalf of the citizens of Alameda or do they turn their backs on the residents they are obligated to represent?

Tell them what you think by USING THIS LINK TO EMAIL CITY COUNCIL.

Wednesday’s special meeting must go on and action must be taken.


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