City Council Affirms General Plan and Zoning at Current Club Site

Wednesday could not have gone any better for us.  Our turnout was huge.  We came prepared.  Our message was well received.  We got the result we wanted.

City Council voted not to change the General Plan or Zoning Designation at 200 Packet Landing Road (aka the current site of the Harbor Bay Club).  The vote was 4-0 in our favor.  Mayor Trish Spencer abstained out of an abundance of caution due to legal threats from Harbor Bay Isle Associates.

Special recognition goes to Vice Mayor Frank Matarrese, who brought the motion to a vote, and Council members Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Tony Daysog, who both showed they were unafraid of HBIA despite facing reelection next year.

This is not over.  HBIA will move forward.  How their plans evolve are the unknown.  Our opposition must remain vigilant.

We hope City Staff uses Council’s affirmation of the General Plan to discourage HBIA from resubmitting an application to rezone the existing Harbor Bay Club property.  HBIA’s plan is to build more homes on the site.

We also hope the rumors we hear are true:  HBIA cannot finance relocating the Club without the proceeds from residential development at the current Club site.

In the meantime, please send a special thank you to City Hall for scheduling the special meeting and following through on protecting the best interests of the community, supporting the general welfare of the community, maintaining the integrity of the General Plan and making a decision that was equitable.  You can do so by CLICKING THIS LINK.

You can also review our presentation to City Council BY CLICKING HERE.  A video of the meeting should be on the City’s website soon.  HERE IS A LINK to their site.

Finally, give yourselves and neighbors a big thank you.  We outnumbered HBIA’s proponents and employees by at least 2:1.  You got there very early and you stayed throughout the meeting  That was impressive.  Thank you.


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