HBIA Puts Development Plans on Hold

Harbor Bay Isle Associates finally did the right thing.

The company formally asked the City of Alameda to halt preparation of the Draft EIR on moving the Harbor Bay Club in order to build 80 to 160 new homes “until further notice.”  HBIA cited the need for more time “to process substantial input” to get “proposed plans and programs in really good shape.”  A copy of the letter, which was delivered to City Planner Andrew Thomas late last month, can be viewed HERE.

That HBIA lacked support for this project more than three years after unveiling it speaks for itself.

We are hopeful HBIA will use this period to reevaluate their proposal.  In our opinion, there is enough community and Club member support for improving the current Club site to make that option a viable endeavor.  Recent transformations at the Club, such as turning a rarely used squash ball court into an exciting fitness space for all members, is proof legacy Club offerings can be rejuvenated.  We hope to assist in that process.

However, we must remain vigilant.  HBIA could decide to pursue their original plans if following the November elections a there is a new City Council with a strong anti-Bay Farm bias.  Bay Farm residents still lack representation on the City Council and there is no true advocate for our best interests at City Hall.  As a result, a proposal like that by HBIA – to build up to 160 homes or a hotel on a cul-de-sac that is also down the street from Alameda’s largest elementary school – can get far more traction than it really should.

Harbor Bay Neighbors intends to be active in the November elections.  We will again ask candidates for City Council whether they support our community and we will share their answers with our more than 1,000 Supporters.

Please let us know if you are interested in helping and what else Harbor Bay Neighbors can do for our great town.


3 thoughts on “HBIA Puts Development Plans on Hold

  1. This is an encouraging move, but constant vigilance is needed. Membership on the City Council is key to protecting us. Thanks for your continuing good work.

  2. I would be happy to help promote Harbor Bay residents efforts to keep the Club in its present location ,
    Let me know how I can help.

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