Welcome Neighbor!

On April 16, 2013 Ron Cowan’s Harbor Bay Isle Associates (HBIA) announced to the Alameda City Council their intent to rezone the Harbor Bay Club property so they can replace the Club with 80 homes.

Immediately, Centre Court Neighbors mobilized to oppose HBIA’s plan because of the direct negative impact on our home values, traffic congestion, lifestyles and open space. As homeowners from other associations contacted us at Centre Court, we realized that the negative impact of this rezoning would be felt far beyond our fence line. Thus, our focus widened to encompass the objections of the entire Harbor Bay and Bay Farm community—the impetus for forming “Harbor Bay Neighbors.”

This site serves as a central location for everyone in the community to read the latest news, comment in discussions, and join the growing list of opponents to the HBIA proposal.

Join Us in opposing the rezoning! Our strength is measured by the number of supporters we have. Please fill out the form below to allow us to add you to our growing list of supporters and help us stop this project cold.


One thought on “Welcome Neighbor!

  1. Ron Cowan has already ruined Island Dr. and the east end of Alameda. Fernside Blvd.
    is a mess already and when school starts in September our neighborhood is a nightmare with rude parents
    parking across driveways and double parking. Let Ron Cowan go back to where ever he
    lives and ruin that town. How many more houses and cars does Alameda need?

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