Community Reaction

Read the dozens of articles, editorials and letters to the editor written about this issue. Then, Tell City Hall What You Think >>>

Bad to the Bone – Alameda Sun, October 16, 2014. Read it Now >>

Turning Win-Win into Loss for Community – Alameda Sun, October 2, 2014. Read it Now >>

Opposing the New Club – Alameda Sun, September 25, 2014. The largest homeowner’s association in Harbor Bay reiterates its position. Read it Now>>

A Promise is a Promise – Alameda Sun, July 31, 2014. Read it Now >>

Tell the Truth About Harbor Bay Club – by Mark Theiding, Alameda Sun, July 10, 2014.  Read it Now >>

Harbor Bay Neighbors Want New Club – The Alamedan, July 9, 2014. Read it Now >>

There’s No Ambiguity Here – by Cathy Leong, Alameda Sun and The Alamedan, June  2014.
“I frequently hear misconceptions, and untruths that have been accepted as fact. I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.”
Read it now – Alameda Sun >>
Read it now – The Alamedan >>

Why Flexibility is No Longer Relevant – Alameda Sun, June 19, 2014.
The most recent attempt by Ron Cowan’s Harbor Bay Isles Associates (HBIA) to justify its application to move Harbor Bay Club outside the Community of Harbor Bay Isle is a plea for “flexibility.”  Read it now >>

Sell the Club – Alameda Sun, March 20, 2014. Read it now >>

Running Out of Land is HBIA’s Fault
– Inside Bay Area, March 5, 2014. Read it Now >>

Harbor Bay Club Closure Threat is Bogus – Inside Bay Area, February 15, 2014. Read why HBIA won’t close the Club, even if they can’t move it. 

Open Letter to Harbor Bay Neighbors – Alameda Sun, January 20, 2014. With the Club finances revealed, why does HBIA keep saying they will close the Club if they can’t move it?  Find out here >>

Leave Harbor Bay Club Alone, Mr. Cowan – Alameda Sun, January 16, 2014. Read it Now >>

We Don’t Want This – Alameda Sun, January 16, 2014. Read it Now >>

Harbor Bay Club Should Stay Where It Is – Inside Bay Area, January 15, 2014. Read it Now >>

The ‘Swap’ That Makes Sense – Alameda Journal Editorial, January 10, 2014.
“Upgrading or rebuilding the club where it is and building a hotel in the business park is a win-win-win: it gives the community the new club that Cowan insists is driving his proposal and gives Cowan his new hotel in a great location with easy airport access, away from residents…. unlike Cowan’s current plan, no changes would be necessary to the city’s General Plan, the Community of Harbor Bay Isle’s PUD Master Plan or to current zoning.  City resources would not be sucked up on an ill-conceived project that has stiff opposition…”  Read it now >>>

Yes, Zoning Matters… and So Does Intent – Alameda Sun, November 21, 2013.
“The City clearly intended—and HBIA agreed—to provide residents with this recreational facility within the Harbor Bay Isle development.”  Read it now >>

Cowan’s Last Stand – Insightful Commentary by Bob Sullwold, October 20, 2013
“According to the 2010 census, 13,600 people live in zip code 94502.  For most of them, the only change they’ll notice if Cowan gets his way is that they’ll have to fight more traffic to get off Bay Farm Island every morning.  We’ll see just how close Cowan can get to Lincoln’s famous dictum about how many people you can fool.”  Read it now >>

Public, developer offer thoughts on proposed Harbor Bay development – The Alamedan, Oct. 29., 2013. The article confirms that opening up Island Drive will be considered:
“If this is serving the neighborhood, it seems preposterous to me that there would be no neighborhood access to the club,” Planning Board president David Burton said of the homes that would border one side of the proposed club. Read it now >>

SWAP TREK II: THE WRATH OF COWAN – Blogging Bayport, September 30, 2013; Cowan tells City Hall, “…there will be hell to pay.” Read it now >>

City Confirms Leaked E-Mail from Ron Cowan on Harbor Bay Club Campaign. Read it now >>

Doesn’t Really Matter – Blogging Bayport, Sept. 27, 2013, Read the blog >>

Proposal to relocate fitness club sparks opposition – Alameda Journal/Contra Costa Times, Sept. 25, 2013. Read it now >>

Developer Cowan Just Won’t Give Up – Alameda Journal, August 16, 2013   Read it now >>

FOURTH FIFTH HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION ON BAY FARM ISSUES DECLARATION!  Bay Isle Pointe, largest association in Harbor Bay (362 homes), declares “Our property values will be negatively impacted…”  9/6/13.  Read the declaration >>

Garden Isle Declaration calls homes “unnecessary and unwanted”  8/31/13. Board represents another 350 homeowners opposing Cowan project. Read the declaration >>

Action Alameda: Bay Farm Residents Organize to Oppose Latest Cowan Housing Proposal 8/30/13. Read it now >>

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again! Blogging Bayport, August 20, 2013. Read it now>>

Islandia Homeowners Declare Opposition 8/20/13. The Islandia Board of Directors represents the largest association on Bay Farm (438 homes). Read the declaration >>

Blogging Bayport tells it like it is! Check out the video >>

Here We Go Again – Letter to the Alameda Sun from Chuck Headlee, 7/25/13. Read it now >>>

Declaration of Opposition – Centre Court Board of Directors, 7/13
The Centre Court Board of Directors represents 112 homeowners whose lifestyles and home values are tied to their proximity with the Club. The Board “asks our neighbors on Bay Farm Isle to join us in opposing this development.”
Read the declaration >>

Declaration of Opposition – Clipper Cove Board of Directors, 6/13
Hooray for Clipper Cove! The Clipper Cove Board of Directors (representing 202 homes) has taken a public stand stating their opposition. Furthermore, “…we would ask all the associations of Harbor Bay Isle to join us in opposing this further development.”
Read their entire statement here >>

“Not So Fast, HBIA” – Letter to the Alameda Sun editor from Mike Lano, 6/27/13
Read it now >>

“He’s baaaack!” Blog by Robert Sullwold, 4/18/13
Read it now >>


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